T e r m s   o f   r e n t a l

  • Age Guide
    The minimum age of driver is 21
  • Driver license
    The driver must hold the driving license for at least 12 months and have Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for countries not listed in the EU) driving license
  • What is included in the price
    Prices usually include unlimited kilometers, third party insurance and all taxes . Depending on the price you offer us any time, these securities may be included in prices:
    We can also offer you full coverage insurance at very competitive rates.
    Local taxes and charges (e.g. airport charges) as well as VAT are included in the price.
    Note: Unless you have chosen full insurance, the driver is fully responsible for any damage done to the car company, Also according to local Regulations you must report any accident to the Police
  • Prices
    Our company guarantees the specific price as displayed in the booking. Prices are calculated on the basis of 24 hour days
  • Driver obligations
    Please note that a valid credit card is required
  • Insurance
    Full coverage also covers damage to the hired car. Usually there is a deductible.
    Full coverage is arranged at the request of the driver at 7 € per day for categories B, C and 9 € / day for categories D, E.
    In case of accidental damage there is a deductible of 300 € for categories B, C and 800 € for categories D, E. Damage to the car underside, wheels and tyres is not covered by the Insurers
  • Fuel Cost
    The amount of fuel as shown on the fuel gauge is mentioned in your Contract form. Please ensure that it is the same upon return of the car
  • Returning the car
    Arrangements are made in consultation with the office in order to suit your requirements
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